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  • Accounts: An Account is a group of users, it allows the account owner to share resources securely with family and friends or support staff.
  • Actions: An action is a collection of custom effects that can be triggered based on custom conditions, for example: Make coffee every weekday at 8am.
  • Apps: Applications are the middleman between the API and the clients, like mobile phones or web apps. Applications are created by third-party developers to enhance your experience with IoT devices.
  • Areas: Areas group devices and other areas together, examples for areas are: Home, Office, Home first floor or Main room.
  • Companies: Group of applications with a specific usage contract
  • Devices: Devices are physical or virtual objects that you can use or control, remotely or automatically, in your Smart Location like home or office.
  • Notifications: A Notification is messages that can be delivered by several means like Push notifications, email, SMS or call. Notifications can have several types and content, like intrusion alerts or support information.
  • Pairing: Pairings allows the user to "pair" (sometimes also referred as linking, binding) one device to another device.
  • Permissions: Permissions let you specify who has access to Smartenit resources, and what actions they can perform on those resources.
  • Scenes: Scenes are a collection of pre-configured states of a collection of devices, Scenes allow to configure several devices to a particular state and activate all those states at once.
  • Users: User objects hold information of a Smartenit User.
  • Metrics: Contains information about a metric from a given resource, for instance, a device (resource) and its current energy consumption (metric)

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